About Us

Christine Foley

Owner & Inventor

Christine Foley is the woman behind Caddy Up Solutions. As a floral designer for over 30 years she noticed that one of the biggest challenges she would face day to day in the floral industry is the logistics of the operation. While running the operations at the Long Island florist In Full Bloom she noticed the most common question was “How are we delivering the arrangements from the Vase to the venue?” You spend months and hours designing and sourcing so why let the delivery be a source of stress and frustration. The Flower Caddy was designed as a helping hand and allowed the arrangement and centerpieces to be delivered with grace and ease.

About Caddy Up

The Flower Caddy is a transformative tool tailored to support florist in seamlessly transporting their creations. Caddy Up was created with the floral designer and their team in mind. The Flower Caddy isn’t just a new product but it is a new team mate that is there to help you from the vase to the venue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give this industry and my fellow florists back time, money, and energy! In not having the stress and worry when delivering their designs. Allowing them the freedman space to deliver their product with grace and easy. I am here to give back to the florist that are just starting  if I can guide or help you in anyway the  knowledge, wisdom  most of hard knocks. I will be happy to share.

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