The Flower Caddy (8 Count)


Made in the USA, The Flower Caddy was developed and designed to fit 8”,9”,11” Lomi dishes and a variety size of cylinders. The Caddy also features a lightweight and durable design that allows you to stack in order to protect larger arrangements; this feature also allows for an easy store.

  • 8 Flower Caddy Per Case

  • It fits 8”,9”,11” Lomey Dishes

  • Flip over to transport cylinders

  • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean

  • Stackable and easy to store

  • Durable for years of use and transport

  • Designed to catch excess water

  • Made in the USA



The Flower Caddy is the Newest Member of your Team

The Flower Caddy is a revolutionary tool that is allowing florists to save time and streamline their operations all the way from the vase to the venue.


Space Efficiency: Stackable design reduces clutter and maximizes storage space, making your workspace organized and efficient.

Versatility: The Flower Caddy’s adaptability to various dish sizes allows you to simplifying your operations and delivery logistics.

Durability: Invest in a carrier that lasts. The Flower Caddy is built to withstand the demands of your industry, ensuring your investment stands the test of time

The Flower caddy isn’t just a TOOL! It’s a statement of your commitment to the efficiency of YOUR FLORAL BUSINESS. 

Save Time:  The Caddy eliminates the logistics when it comes to carefully loading and unloading centerpieces from your vehicle.

Save Money: Reduce the risk of damaging expensive arrangements during transport, saving you money on replacements as well Labor!!

Save Energy: Do not struggle with the delivery of heavy centerpieces. Allow the Flower Caddy to help assist with the heavy lifting.




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